How to explain use of meditation to a geek?

After reading about different kinds of meditation for quite a some time, I just wanted to share the use of meditation from a computer science perspective .

Use of Meditation = Use of (Disk Cleaner + Memory Cleaner + Disk Defragmenter)

Disk Cleaner:-

If you remember old PC days, when your computer is having some lag or its slow to respond, then first thing that the next door geek friend tells you is “Did you run disk cleaner?”

Disk Cleaner

Disk cleaner basically cleans the old unnecessary files from the hard disk, the meditation does the same thing to your brain. Clearing out unwanted old memories from your brain.

RAM Cleaner

If you accidentally opened a big file in your computer, you will find that its hard to move even a cursor. Basically your system hangs. In those testing times, you will try to open our good old friend “Task Manager” by Ctrl+Alt+Del. This guy helps us to kill those processes which is holding our precious memory (RAM- Random Access Memory).

Task Manager

Similarly when you overwhelmed by days work, by sitting few minutes for meditation basically clears your brain’s RAM.

Disk Defragmenter

When you find your system takes some time to bootup, then first thing your geek guy will tell you is to defragment your drive.

Disk Defragmenter

Disk defragmenter basically organizes your hard disk which has been organized like a bachelor’s house. Many researchers are saying that sleep does this same thing to your brain. But it happens only in deep sleep without any dreams (technically non-REM sleep !) , but who gets deep sleep these days with all the new-age gadgets. Here is where meditation helps us to do the same thing consciously with more awareness.

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