After reading about different kinds of meditation for quite a some time, I just wanted to share the use of meditation from a computer science perspective .

Use of Meditation = Use of (Disk Cleaner + Memory Cleaner + Disk Defragmenter)

Disk Cleaner:-

If you remember old PC days, when your computer is having some lag or its slow to respond, then first thing that the next door geek friend tells you is “Did you run disk cleaner?”

You might have seen child prodigies like Bobby Fischer and might seem to wonder how they break Malcolm Gladwell’s popular 10,000 hour rule which says that you have to invest at least 10,000 hours of deliberate practice in any particular field to become an expert.

The 10,000 hour rule actually holds true for most of the experts in any field like Beatles in music, Bill Gates in programming etc.

To know why it takes 10,000 hours to reach descent level of expertise, lets understand gradient descent, one of the elegant algorithm/technique in Artificial Intelligence.

Gradient Descent — Reduce the mistakes incrementally

-Typically we start at a random…

Millions of years of evolution gifted us a beautiful and most powerful cognitive machine in this universe which is none other than our 3 pound brain. Each one of them is unique based on environment in which it is grown and intelligently adapts to the different situations by correlating it with the past experience.

Here I tried to list few interesting everyday situations where we use our past experience as a model to predict the outcomes. In some cases our models are life saving and sometimes it can risky to trust only our models. And this happens when we do…

Its always good to have latest and best machine learning algorithms in the arsenal for kaggle competitions since each decimals counts. Recently XGBoost released its newest version which supports GPU with fast histogram algorithm. But I had a hard time updating it in my linux machine. Hope this article helps to save your time.

First remove old version of xgboost to avoid conflicts.

pip uninstall xgboost

Then clone the latest version 0.7 (at the time of writing) from the Git repo.

git clone — recursive

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DUSE_CUDA=ON

At this step cmake will throw an…

Sriram Ramanathan

**World view through the perspective of science**

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